4 Reasons Why Curry is the King of Comfort Food

4 Reasons Why Curry is the King of Comfort Food


4 Reasons Why Curry is the King of Comfort Food
Comfort food is defined as food that is pleasurable to eat and makes the eater feel better emotionally. These kinds of dishes are usually nostalgic and remind you of happy memories from your childhood. Given how diverse our nation is, you can imagine that South Africans consider many different meals as “comfort food” but the one thing we can all agree on is: curry. Curry is the “King of Comfort Foods”! Here are 4 reasons why:


One-pot cooking – less dishes and more time with the family
Curry is the one of the few meals that you can make in one pot, so that you can spend more time entertaining your family and friends. It’s an extremely versatile meal and can be served on a variety of starches like pap, samp, potato mash and rice. And we all know that there is nothing quite as comforting as curry on your choice of carbohydrates to make you feel like a happy kid again.


More for everyone – curry is a sharing meal:
Curries are some of the tastiest and affordable meals you can make on a budget. There is no excuse not to share a meal with your loved ones when you have a bit of curry powder and vegetables on stand-by. Curry is a meal made for sharing.


No two curries are the same – it’s like your family’s food fingerprint:
Most families have a unique curry recipe that makes theirs special. No two family recipes are ever the same; our granny’s curry is not your granny’s curry. So, curries are comforting because they come from your home and people, made in your way. It’s like your family’s food fingerprint: unique and entirely yours. Try this Curry Mogudu recipe to see how recipe contributor Nomsa Sasa Myeni’s family makes their signature dish with Rajah Curry Powder.


The smell! Oh the delicious smell!
There is nothing better when you open the door to your family home and you can smell the beginnings of a curry. Nothing in the world beats it, in our opinion. That smell means: happy times around the table, storytelling, sharing and laughter. Curry is the smell of families coming together to share and connect.


It’s true. Curry IS the food of love and that is why it has earned the title of “King of Comfort Foods”. Tell us what makes a Rajah curry dish so comforting and join the conversation.