8 ways to save with 49m

8 ways to save with 49m

Energy use and saving is on the tip of everyone’s tongue lately as far as national crises go. 49M is an Eskom initiative, endorsed by the government, that encourages 49 million South Africans to embrace energy saving and join the global journey towards a sustainable future.


In 2014, the initiative launched an ongoing campaign using the hashtag #KnowYourNumber, to encourage awareness of your household’s energy rating based on the amount of electricity your household uses divided by the usable square meter of your house.

On average South Africans have a rating of 56; which is a C category rating. There is plenty of room for improvement to reach an A++ category and you too could join the movement and do your part to help the nation reach its efficiency potential and decrease your lights bill in the process.

To calculate your own energy use you can use the 49m calculator and keep track of your power usage. What you need is your power bill to know how many kWh you consume per month as well as to calculate your square meter usable floor area by measuring the length and width of each room in your house. Multiply the length by width for each room, and then add all the rooms together. Knowing the figure of exactly how much you use will also help you and your family challenge yourselves to bring the number down.


There are a number of contributing factors that we overlook when we work to keep our electricity usage down. Below are 8 ways to help you do your bit to save:


  1. Energy efficient light bulbs can reduce energy consumption by 53% (The energy rating is usually indicated with a A+,A++ or A+++ with a green colour)

  2. Turn your geyser down to 55 degrees

  3. Reduce shower time to 5 minutes

  4. Defrost frozen food overnight instead of using the microwave

  5. Match your pot size and stove plate size when cooking

  6. Cooking more one-pot meals instead of using multiple stove plates

  7. Switching off lights you are not using

  8. Unplug chargers when they aren’t in use

Maybe now is the time to educate yourself and family on energy efficiency and the #KnowYourNumber campaign is the perfect challenge to kick start this new mission.


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