A new twist on your family's favourite

A new twist on your family’s favourite

It is, indeed, exciting when a much-loved brand such as Rajah curry powder surprises us with a flavourful, new variant. Now imagine, it is lunch time on Sunday. The whole family is gathered around the table, eagerly awaiting the meal, the aroma of which is telling the whole neighbourhood of the wholesome sishebo you’ve been preparing.

You place the steaming pot on the table and open the lid. Everyone leans over to inhale the enticing flavour. And you are reminded that there is no substitute for a mouth-watering curry – no matter whether it is a nutritious vegetable option like this sugar bean curry recipe or a rich and satisfying spicy chicken liver dish.

The great thing about Rajah, is that it never fails to surprise us. Whether you decide to spice things up and cook a hot curry to create that satisfying glow on a cold winter’s day, or add interest to your potato salad dressing in the heat of mid-summer, with your trusted blend of spices by your side, you can always allow your imagination to take wings.

The launch of our new variants, also presents the ideal opportunity to start teaching your kids how simple and satisfying it can be to prepare a meal on a weekend. Here’s an idea, let each member of the household pick one recipe off a website and create excitement around a curry cooking competition!

At the start of the month allocate one Sunday to each family member, let them choose a cooking partner (and, unless they’re very young, it cannot be you), allocate the same budget to each team and make sure all family members have a score sheet. Each team will be allocated a score out of 10 by each other person present. And, of course, all will vote anonymously.

At month end, the winners could be allocated a bonus budget to cook the victory meal to which they can invite a mystery guest. This way you can keep bringing the excitement and surprises to your home that bind a family together – just as the skillful blends of coriander, chillies, cumin, ginger and other spices in our new Rajah curry powder,continues to surprise and delight us. Mmmm!