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Winter Warming Foods to Keep Comforting You

Food is an instrument for so many wonderful things. It can express love, community, celebration and even compassion. For example, the act of offering a bowl of warm soup to a stranger can do more than warm their hands and fill their tummies – it can bring comfort. In the spirit of warming hearts and hands this winter, here are some ideas to stay comfy through the cold:

Stew is the king of winter foods

What is more satisfying on a cold night than a bowl of stew ladled over creamy pap. Pap and stew is a great food to warm the cockles of your heart because it's deeply filling and super tasty. There are also so many delicious pap and stew recipes to choose from. You can opt for something spicy with extra curry powder or something rich. Add veggies for a healthier option or choose meat on the bone for deeper flavour – the options are endless, the flavours are a delight, and the meal goes far.

A steamy soup

When people think of warming food, often the first thing to come to mind is soup and for a good reason. Soup with a chunk of crusty bread is satisfying in winter, it seems to fill a gap in the belly that not many other foods can. A bowl of soup can be constructed from scratch or using leftovers to stretch a meal, and no matter what, with a little bit of effort, you can always make it tasty. Serve it chunky or smooth with bread or topped with dumplings – it's a feast for the family and of senses.

Something spicy

Whether you are making beef curry recipes with curry powder or flavouring your choice of protein with coconut milk and curry paste, the fact remains: something spicy is a great way to keep warm in winter. For something different, opt for spicy golden roast potato wedges to accompany your meal or as a tasty starter with a delicious creamy dip.

Comfort foods

Foods from home prepared the way your mom or gogo used to, are a sure way to warm the heart and soul – it's the meeting of memories and emotions. A good old fashioned dombolo to mop up a rich, spicy stew or some chicken wings prepared just how you remember them bring comfort and warmth that you can't get from a heater or blanket.

Stay warm this winter with these tips on how to stay comfy through the cold.

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