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Egg-cellent ways to spice up breakfast

Do you love the smell of possibility in the morning? Then start the day with a little extra kick – and no we don’t mean coffee. Here are some simple ways to spice up your breakfast routine to keep the family keen.

Simple Spiced Eggs

Whether you enjoy yours scrambled, fried or poached one thing’s for sure – the humble egg yearns for a good bit of seasoning. Add a little oomph to your breakfast with a sprinkle of Rajah Curry Powder because no matter how you like them a dash of spice will make them zing!

Tomato Salsa

A can of tomato and onion can make a steaming breakfast plate that much heartier! Or, to add a truly South African breakfast twist why not try chakalaka instead? The spicy tomato relish pairs perfectly with a full-house breakfast. Whether you try our chakalaka recipe  or opt for your family favourite combination, your breakfast will never be the same again.

Baked Beans

Spiced baked beans have earned their place at your table. Simply add a dusting of curry powder, a swirl of lime juice and some freshly chopped parsley to a can of classic baked beans – ‘nuff said!

Banging Breakfast Burrito

Not only is this breakfast roll up a scrumptious morning meal but its easy to eat in a rush or on-the-go! Simply wrap your favourite fillings – eggs, sausages and relish – in your choice of flatbread and voila you are ready to go. It’s also perfect filled to the brim with spicy chilli con carne  and topped with loads of melty cheese. Adapt the breakfast burrito to include all of your family’s favourite ingredients – a great way to keep things interesting.

Curry Butter is Better

Let’s face it, everything is better with butter! Smeared over some piping hot toast or melted over your scrambled eggs, butter is the ultimate compliment for your wakeup feast. For a tasty variation on your traditional spread, try adding curry powder to softened butter before serving it with your meal – it will make your toast sing!


Breakfast may look different all over the world, but the fact is, it’s how you and your loved ones start off your day. So, use your breakfast bonding time to turn the most important meal into something extra special.

It’s time to shake up your wake up with a spicy twist on your breakfast classics!