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Curry is a multicultural dish that has brightened the mood in South African homes for decades if not centuries. Most families have at least one curry dish for those family get-togethers, lunches and dinners. Curry is a dish ideal for sharing and it can go a long way once you prepare it. Whether vegetarian or meaty, curries are flavourful and nostalgic, often passed down from one generation to the next. As we reconnect after lockdown, let us look at some classic South African curry recipes served by Rajah!

The classic chicken curry

If you are organising a family lunch or dinner on short notice – chicken curry is an ideal dish to entertain your guests. Keep it simple yet flavourful with chicken, your selected range of vegetables and mild or hot Rajah curry powder. Filled with flavours, the traditional dish can be rejigged with creative culinary twists such as adding citrus fruit, chutney or apricot jam.

Something for the vegetarians

In every family, one or two members decide to make the change and become vegetarian. Even if you are not vegetarian, the veggie curry can be a healthier alternative layered with flavours from lentils, cauliflower, carrots, greens, sugar beans, sweet potato and more. Ready in under an hour, it is the perfect dish to serve most especially at gatherings to add some variety to the dinner table.

Something for the braais

Braais are a South African staple, and what is a braai without Chakalaka? The amazing relish is ideal with almost any meal and you can never make too much of it, you can store it in the fridge and enjoy every day. By simply following a recipe, you can transform any meal into a fantastic blend of flavours.

Something for the meat lovers

If you are looking to make something rich in flavours with a blend of vegetables and spices, you can never go wrong with a beef curry! Ready in just over an hour, you can serve the beef curry with rice. Along with Rajah Flavourful & Mild curry powder, the dish offers a powerful kick. If you’re short of time to entertain your guest, you can add your favourite frozen mixed vegetables.

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