Spicy chicken curry in bowl on rustic wooden background. With rice, indian naan butter bread, spices, herbs.

Tips for A Good Old-Fashioned Chicken Curry

There is nothing quite as down to earth as a classic, good old fashioned, flavourful chicken curry. Sure, it’s nice to eat something fancy every now and then but when you are at home and craving something just like granny used to make, nothing hits the spot like a curry.

A simple curry has so much to teach us – both literally and figuratively. So here are a few things about a chicken curry that will change the way you enjoy it forever.

It should be shared

There is nothing like taking something you are proud of and sharing it with your community. A chicken curry is one of those humble dishes that just about everyone has a memory of. So why not share yours with those around you or in need in your community so that others can delight in the warmth that it brings.

It tastes better when it’s cooked with love

Rather than the food tasting better, food that is cooked with good intentions tastes better because you are more likely to put effort into what you are doing. So when you cook with passion and love, even if you don't follow a recipe, this almost always results in a delicious meal.

You can make it bigger as a bunny

Are you a little low on meat but have loads of tasty gravy and veggies to be enjoyed? A delicious chicken curry doesn't have to be loaded with chicken to have every morsel mopped up. Add a ½ or ¼ loaf of fresh bread to make your meal go further so that more of you can enjoy it. A bunny chow is a classic way to appreciate a chicken curry and keep all those lucky enough to be invited to share it.

Leftovers are more delicious

Something about a chicken curry reheated and enjoyed the next day seems to make it taste better. Actually, there is some science behind this – flavour molecules use the extra time to develop and different parts of the meal are imparted with deeper, more integrated flavour.

The browner your chicken, the better your curry

Nope, we are not saying burned, but if you can get your chicken pieces as burnished and toasted as possible, you will find your curry has a better flavour. Next, use the same pan to cook the rest of your ingredients and the flavours from the browned chicken will add depth to your curry recipe.

Sure, the base of a good chicken curry is a fantastic recipe, but it also takes a few invisible details to make a really great meal. As much as we can share a great tasting meal, a classic recipe made with passion and some other small elements can make a really magical meal.