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Tips to make Meatless Mondays a Success

Meatless Mondays is a movement that encourages people to commit to eating healthy, environmentally friendly, meat-free meals once a week. If you want to be a part of the large demographic that’s added more plant-based foods to their diet, here are a few tips to help you make Meatless Mondays a success.


Use a variety of vegetables in a meal

You want to make your dish as delicious as possible and with a variety of vegetables you can do just that. Choose vegetables with different textures. For example, prepare a meal with carrots, potatoes, pumpkin and beans. Adding a variety of vegetables is not only healthier but you won’t even realise that there’s meat missing because you’ll have so much to choose from.

Plan ahead

Make the most out of the ingredients in your fridge, pantry and cupboards and think about how you can put everything together in a meal, before you take part in Meatless Mondays. If you’re struggling to be creative in the kitchen then check out these meat-free dishes.

Don’t be afraid to spice things up

The last thing you want is for Meatless Mondays to be boring, so be sure to add lots of flavour to your vegetables to give your taste buds a treat. Transform your potato salad by adding Rajah Mild & Spicy Curry Powder to your fried onions to release a fragrant aroma and flavour. You can also add curry powder to this delicious spinach and potato dish that is best served with roti.

Look into trying out different cuisines

Despite popular belief, there are lots of cultures where meat is not the main attraction of a meal. Countries like Greece, Thailand, China and India have a wide range of popular meals that don’t use meat, and those that do only contain small amounts of it. Don’t be afraid to experiment with ethnic cuisines because they will give you more options on what to eat on Meatless Mondays.

Curry Butter is Better

Let’s face it, everything is better with butter! Smeared over some piping hot toast or melted over your scrambled eggs, butter is the ultimate compliment for your wakeup feast. For a tasty variation on your traditional spread, try adding curry powder to softened butter before serving it with your meal – it will make your toast sing!


It’s easy to see why people are taking part in Meatless Mondays. It’s been linked to lower body mass indexes, reduced blood pressure and lowered risk of being diagnosed with cardiovascular diseases. Follow these tips to make Meatless Mondays a success.