Rajah | Lifestyle | Budget and flavour friendly menu

Rajah | Lifestyle | Budget and flavour friendly menu

Meals that are tasty, budget-friendly and that make the family happy can be a tall order … even for a super-parent. So, we thought we would help out by offering you a meal plan that ticks all these boxes.

Here are 7 ideas that will make your dinner planning a cinch:

MondaySpicy chicken livers
This easy meal is perfect for the start of the week. The rich meat goes beautifully with a classic dombolo to mop up the thick spicy gravy.

Tip: Remember to keep Monday meals simple to give yourself a breather and to prepare for the week ahead.

TuesdaySpicy Boerewors & Rice Mix
Consider this a Tuesday night triumph! The rice is lightly spiced and mouth-wateringly satisfying, while the boerewors is a savoury South African family favourite.

Tip: You can also cook and freeze extra boerewors for later in the week when you are not in the mood to cook up a storm.

WednesdayChicken and tangy pasta salad
This simple midweek meal is a fresh take on chicken pasta. A spicy dressing is slathered over cooked chicken and pasta and served with salad greens. You can serve the pasta dish with warm chicken pieces, or for a cold option shred cooled chicken into the pasta.

Tip: For an extra kick you can substitute the medium curry powder with hot curry powder.

Thursday – Classic Beef Sishebo
A sishebo is a relish or stew in a tasty sauce and it’s typically enjoyed with a starchy side dish to clean up the flavoursome juices. Our beef sishebo is a heart-warming combination of beef and veggies, stewed low and slow in a rich and spicy gravy.

Tip: This dish is perfect served on top of plain rice, umngqusho or with pap.

FridayMom’s Roasted Chicken Pieces
This chicken dish is a true Friday night treat. Don’t be surprised if you get recurring requests on Friday evenings at supper time!

Tip: Serve them with oven chips or potato wedges for a fast food style night the whole family will love.

Saturday – Boerewors, pap and chakalaka
For a lazy Saturday meal, use the leftover boerewors you froze earlier in the week. Then, simply make your pap and chakalaka and the meal is sorted.

Tip: If you are not in the mood to cook a chakalaka from scratch, simply heat a can of tomato and onion relish and stir in a tablespoon of your favourite Rajah curry powder.

SundaySpicy Mutton Breyani
Breyani is a great celebration meal, ideal for when the extended family drops by. It’s not only yummy but the spicy rice and succulent mutton mix goes a long way to feeding a large group of hungry family members.

Tip: Replace maas with buttermilk for a richer, creamier flavour.

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