Rajah | Lifestyle | Calling all couch potatoes

Rajah | Lifestyle | Calling all couch potatoes

In the heart of winter, it is seriously on-trend to huddle together on the couch to watch one of the splendid TV series which are now available to us. We’re literally spoilt for choice.

But to draw the family away from the big screen at mealtimes can be difficult. So why not make food part of the fun with these easy but different TV meals all based on one great recipe – flavourful curried mince with vegetables.

Curry and rice

This trusty standby can be served in bowls so that everyone can just tuck in with a fork or spoon. Not only will the family be licking their bowls clean, there will also be less to wash up.

Tip: Let everyone rinse their own bowls between episodes or during an ad break.

Curried ‘sausage’ rolls

This is an easy to heat and eat alternative to sausage rolls. Depending on appetites, you’ll need a roll of puff pastry per 4 people. But if you double up on puff pastry, remember, you’ll have to double up on the recipe also. Less fat and the veg makes it that much healthier than sausage rolls – but still utterly more-ish for fussy eaters.

Follow the recipe, but don’t add extra liquid and let the meat and veg cook drier toward the end. You won’t want a soppy sausage roll! Then let the mixture cool. Cut the puff pastry into approximately 20 x 20 cm squares. With the back of a spoon, brush the inside with chutney and fill with the cooked mixture. Roll into sausage-like shapes. Brush lightly with scrambled egg or milk and cook as per the instructions on the pastry packet.

Tip: If you cut the pastry smaller you’ll have yummy finger snacks.

Curried cottage pie

Cook the mince and veg as per the recipe. Place in an oven-proof dish and cover with a 2 – 3 cm layer of mashed potato. Top with two eggs whisked in a cup of milk and bake at 160 C until heated through and bubbling.

Tip: Individual ramekins make this meal, even more, TV friendly. And again, everyone can rinse out their own bowls…

Curried mince soup

Cook the dish according to the recipe but add a packet of beef soup dissolved in 6 cups of water toward the end. Cook stirring until it thickens and enjoy hot with crusty buttered rolls.

Happy viewing!