Companion Planting: Two is company

Companion Planting: Two is company

Rajah Household Tips: Companion Planting – Two is Company

To achieve a beautiful and healthy garden, skilled gardeners know that there must be a variety of plants that grow together. This should be planned out carefully as some combinations work well in helping growth while other combinations are a nightmare waiting to happen.

The way this works is as follows:

• Companions support each other’s growth. Tall plants provide shade for more sun-sensitive plants.

• Companions save space. Vining plants (such as butternuts) grow sideways while upright plants grow upwards therefore allowing them to be planted together.

• Pest problems are lessened as certain plants keep pests away and planting them with other plants can save the fruit from pest damage.

• Some plants attract insects that feed on pests which makes them an essential in every garden.
We all know that a delicious sishebo recipe is packed with wholesome goodness when it has a healthy dose of vegetables.

Below are the winning plant combinations for your vegetable garden:

• Tomatoes and cabbage make excellent companions because of the tomato’s ability to keep caterpillars away from chewing holes in cabbage leaves.

• Roses and garlic don’t just look good together because of garlics small purple and white flowers but garlic also helps keep away rose pests.

• Bean vines climb and cling on mealie meal stalks which attract insects that target corn pests such as leafhoppers and leaf beetles.

• Sweet alyssum flowers attract insects such as predatory wasps that kill pests that prey on potatoes. They also form a great living ground cover for vegetables like broccoli. What’s more is that they keep your garden smelling sweet all summer long.

• Lettuce grows well with broccoli, carrots, cucumbers and onions. Sunflowers provide much needed shade for this basic salad ingredient. Avoid planting Sunflowers next to cabbages as they can stunt their growth and dull their flavour.

• Onions are best grown with carrots and leeks as the combination can confuse the carrot and leek flies. Planting them with strawberries also aids the berries in fighting off disease. Keep onions far from your pea plants and asparagus.

Giving your veggies the perfect garden partners will do wonders for the growth of your plants, and a bright and colourful garden that looks and tastes delicious.

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