cooking hacks

Cooking hacks every chef should know

Cutting onions
As much as we love cooking our favourite chicken curry, there’s one thing we can do without – chopping an onion. But we may have discovered a way to prevent you from weeping while doing the job. Before cooking, place the onion in cold water for 15-30 minutes. This will minimise the sulphuric gases that are often released when cutting an onion so that you don’t tear up during the process.

Peel without a peeler
You don’t need a potato peeler to peel potatoes. Simply boil in a pot of water until soft, then dip the potatoes in a bucket of ice-cold water. The skin will separate after sitting in the water so you can easily peel it off.

Remove eggshells easier
When boiling eggs, add a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda or vinegar to the water. By adding this, the egg whites will easily separate from the shell, making it better for you to remove.

Don’t throw away leftovers
It’s common cook too much, leaving you with more than enough leftovers. But don’t throw them away! Instead, reuse the leftovers to create a different meal. If you’ve made too much chicken curry, use the rest to create a chicken salad. Or if you have too much bread and fear they may go stale soon, you can make croutons and add to soup or even make breadcrumbs to add to your frikkadel.

Because nobody has time to stress about how to peel a potato and what to do when you’ve cooked too much food. With these hacks, cooking will be even more fun!