Cooking tips 101: add new flavour to tradition

Cooking tips 101: add new flavour to tradition

Rajah Household Tips: Add New Flavour to Tradition


There’s a lot to be enjoyed when cooking great meals for your family – from preparing the ingredients to the delightful aromas that waft through the house. We are all constantly looking to keep things interesting in the kitchen and, when it comes to bringing out the taste and flavour in dishes, a little help can go a long way. Chicken sishebo is a traditional favourite in many homes and even the old tried and tested recipes could do with a little spicing up!

The great thing about this classic and tasty dish is that it’s a simple, wholesome meal that is packed with plenty of goodness for your loved ones. It’s also ideal to teach your children about balanced eating from a young age. A lot of families have their own traditional recipes and methods for preparing this meal but here are some cooking tips and hints to give it another layer of taste and flavour – we guarantee that it’s not like anything you’ve tried before!

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