Creative things you can do with curried mince

Creative things you can do with curried mince

Minced meat is versatile and relatively affordable.  Chicken, turkey, pork, soya and beef minced meat are all fabulous and adaptable proteins perfect for almost every occasion. And as an added bonus, mince is also absolutely delicious as leftovers, it heats well and often tastes better the next day.

Curried mince, in particular, is a favourite preparation and can be made appetisingly spicy or comfortably mild using a blend of different curry powders to get your perfect flavour.

Here are some great ideas to use curried mince or reuse your excess that won’t taste like any old leftovers.

Curried mince Samoosas.

Who doesn’t love these classic fried pastry casings filled with all sorts of delicious things? Use leftover curried mince for delicious and spicy plump centred parcels that will definitely impress your loved ones.

Curried mince pies.

Use curried mince as a tasty filling for bite sized savoury pies. Simply roll out pre-made pastry and cut it into squares, place a spoonful of prepared mince curry in the centre and cover with another square of pastry. Egg wash the pastry and bake them until they are golden brown.

Gem squash curry.

This is a great twist on classic curried mince and vegetables but instead of traditional veggies, why not try Gem squash. All you have to do is top halved, cooked gems with curried mince, serve them with rice for a delicious twist on an old favourite.

Curried mince and Vetkoek. Mince and vetkoek is a South African favourite, for a little spin on the familiar, try using curried mince for an extra bit of spice.

Curried Mince sloppy joe’s. For an easy and frankly satisfying anytime time meal why not try curried mince sloppy joes? Top your favourite sliced bread or roll with some delicious mince curry and you will have very happy family members who may want you to make it more often. Serve it with slap chips for a special occasion.

In the end whether you are using leftover curried mince or mince curry made from scratch these ideas will help you to transform a regular meal into something diverse and mouth-watering.