Curbing Holiday Weight Gain

Curbing Holiday Weight Gain

The reality is a lot of us eat 1000 calories more in a single meal than our recommended daily intake on Christmas day. This isn’t even counting the snacks in between meals. You don’t have to count your calories for this to be worrying especially when you consider that, on average, you gain 2kgs over this period of time that you are unlikely to shed after the holidays. Here are a few tips to help get through the holidays and not need a diet plan to fit in your jeans come the new year.

Hunger makes us reach for whatever is available and when it comes to weight loss, if you fail to plan you plan to fail. Maybe rather than a fruitcake, your contribution to a holiday dinner could be a salad or veggie dish that you can tuck into to your heart’s content. If you love your wine, maybe swapping it with flavoured fizzy water and taking that with you to dinner parties will help.

The way you eat plays as much a part as what you eat; try to always be conscious or mindful when you eat. When you eat food slowly and attentively, tasting and enjoying every bite without multi tasking you tend to be more satisfied with your meal and are less likely to overeat.

Your diet

Always remember that you have control over your own body therefore you have control over what goes into it. So even if you come from a family that makes delicious meals and gives you the evil eye for not piling a mountain on your plate, it’s in your best interest to take responsibility for yourself. (Quick tip: You might need to make up a fib and say you have developed a food allergy to ward off the questions).

Weight control is simply a process of calories in, calories out; therefore it is necessary to earn your meals by increasing your physical activity. Even if it is just a brisk walk up a hill or vacuuming the living room or a garage spring clean, it should be sufficient for burning a few extra calories.

Also remember to not be too hard on yourself; if you happen to over indulge in one meal, promise yourself you’ll try harder in the next one. Recent brain research shows that if you beat yourself up for a slip you are likely to set yourself up for a full tumble.

With all the fun and family time happening around you, try not to mess up your sleeping patterns. Weight loss has been linked to a regular sleep schedule. Those who sleep and wake up at regular hours have been found to have less body fat than those who don’t.

Staying on track in your health journey this Christmas need not be too much of a hassle if you choose to exercise a little bit of discipline.

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