Daring Recipes Using Chakalaka

Daring Recipes Using Chakalaka

Chakalaka is a classic South African condiment made from chunky veggies and an aromatic blend of spices that has grown into a national favourite and a classic flavouring for loads of characteristic Mzanzi dishes. From a braai time topping to an absolute dinner time staple, chakalaka is a firm favourite in the South African kitchen and on the South African table.

Here are some daring recipes that use chakalaka to make them even more tasty:

Potato and Chakalaka bake. This recipe takes a traditional, creamy potato bake and adds a little spice for an extra bit of zing. All you do is place chakalaka at the bottom of your potato bake and continue stacking the rest of your ingredients as normal. This is a great braai side or alternatively, something to have with your supper.

Chakalaka bread. This bread includes your favourite chakalaka in the dough mixture and transforms a traditional loaf into something special. Make your chakalaka with hot curry powder for an extra kick.

Spicy pap bake. For a delicious twist on this classic South African side try to bake your cooked pap by adding layers of spicy chakalaka and cheese for an indulgent take on a favourite staple.

Pasta and chakalaka salad. Why not spice up your favourite pasta salad using chakalaka? Simply add your chakalaka to cooked pasta, add a can of sweetcorn and a few table spoons of mayonnaise. For something a little less spicy use medium curry powder.

Chakalaka baked eggs. For a little breakfast variation, crack your raw eggs into an oven-proof dish filled with your favourite chakalaka and bake the eggs on a medium heat until they are cooked to your preference. This dish is delicious served with toast.

If you love a little extra spice then these recipes using chakalaka are a great way to take your food to the next level. Chakalaka recipes vary, depending on the region or even the preference of the cook so be sure to use your favourite Rajah curry powder for tailor made flavour.