Easter? Let’s make it a Feaster

Easter? Let’s make it a Feaster


Easter? Let’s make it a Feaster
Okay, okay, we all know there is no such word as ‘Feaster’. Until now! We have put ‘feast’ and ‘Easter’ together because they belong together. Right? This is because the Easter break is the ideal time for families to get together and catch up on all the news since the festive season in December.

But we also don’t want Mom or Dad to miss out on all the juicy bits because they have to spend their time in the kitchen while the others are relaxing in the lounge. So, here’s the idea – everyone pitches in the day before to help the cooks out.


Choosing a curry
Together, choose a curry that the whole family will love. And, if you’re feeling extra generous, you could create two very different curries to add variety to the proceedings.We all know from experience that a curry dish always tastes better the next day. So, make sure someone keep the kids well away from the pot while the chicken curry is cooling down. Otherwise you may have to start all over in the morning – which really does defeat the purpose …


Time for the salad
Now prepare whatever sambals you can make in advance. Cut or grate all the fruit and vegetables that will keep crisp in a plastic container and place it in the fridge – take it out an hour or two before adding the dressings and placing in the serving dishes.


Setting the table
When it’s time to set the table, place plates, glasses and cups upside down to prevent dust from settling on them. You could also cover the cutlery with the serviettes or paper towel that may be used during the meal.


Finishing touches…
Lastly, if you want to make the occasion an extra special one to be remembered for years afterwards, ask the artistic one in the family to create a special, hand-drawn, welcome note for everyone. Include a personalised reference to something they may have recently done (like passed matric, got a job or gained college entry) or something they may have experienced (like a journey, a movie or a book they may have read).By following these tips, you’re sure to spread the love and turn your Easter into a full-on Feaster!