Embrace the Flavour, Try Something New

Embrace the Flavour, Try Something New

Sometimes it can be good to play with your food!

As firm believers in the power of flavour, Rajah knows that adding fresh flavours with a spin can be a delicious way to keep dinner time interesting. If it’s been a while since you’ve tried something new in the kitchen, why not try some of these interesting pairings?


Basil and Apricot

These two are known to get along well in the vegetable garden as basil chases away pests that feed on apricots. But did you know that basil and apricot can go just as well on your plate? The musky taste of apricot compliments the peppery, and almost sweet, taste of basil. Try this combination in pastries or as an interesting addition to a fresh salad.


Mango and Chilli

Many of us are already familiar with this pairing as this is essentially how atchar is made. This pairing is extremely versatile and can also be added to fresh salads, salsa, dressing, or even seafood recipes. The balance of hot and sweet delivers a fresh tangy-ness you will want to add to all your dishes.


Peanut Butter, Banana and Bacon

This combination on bread has often been referred to as ‘The Elvis Sandwich’ and consists of extra crispy bacon, slices of banana, and peanut butter. The bacon brings out the peanut butter’s savoury side, and the banana adds a yummy dose of sweetness.


Marmite and Avocado on Toast

Avo on toast is a familiar favourite in most homes. While salt or vinegar do a great job of enhancing the flavour, marmite is a delicious alternative. Give it a try next time you’re keen for a flavour experiment.


Chicken and Honey

Crispy fried chicken and natural honey is a delicious surprise for your tastebuds. Sweet sticky wings are always a hit, so why not try try them out with a different source of sweetness? As an alternative to barbecque sauce, serve honey as a side dip. The balance of salty and sweet is an absolute treat!


The options are endless and the kitchen is your laboratory, so don’t be shy to try new and exciting things. Remember it all comes down to balance. Some pairings may be a miss but you may just discover a new family favourite in the process.

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