End of Summer Shisa Inyama

End of Summer Shisa Inyama

With summer drawing to a close, many of us are dreading the upcoming colder months. So naturally, as we approach the end of February and first few weeks of March, we should consciously be trying to make the most of our last days of summer.

As South Africans, our first thought is often to gather friends and family together for a good old South African braai. A “shisa inyama” is an ideal way of bringing people together and building memories to last us through the cold winter months.

So what does one need for a good end of summer shisa inyama? Here are a few ways to create that “ziyawa mo”:


Great, lively music

Music is always important when it comes to organising a great event. Give this task to someone who has good taste and a wide collection. By making the music their responsibility, you’ll have more time to focus on other important details.


Meat, meat and more meat

Needless to say, meat is a very important part of any shisa inyama. For a better meat offering, encourage your friends to bring different kinds of meat which you can all share. And as local South African customs dictate, every braai needs some pap and chakalaka to complement the meat.


Full flavour

Add rich flavour to your meat with some delicious Rajah curry powders. Try our Flavourful and Mild or Mild and Spicy for great flavour which can be shared with guests of all ages and tastes. These powders are great for creating quality, flavourful meals and are a sure way of getting the guests queuing for seconds.

Now “asigrooveni” and enjoy the last few weeks of Summer in typical South African style!