Rajah Energy Saving Tips: Cooling and Heating

Rajah Energy Saving Tips: Cooling and Heating

Load shedding has been a reality in most South African homes for far longer than any of us would like. As if that’s not enough, it often strikes at the most inconvenient moments – such as while we’re preparing a meal or trying to complete a task. There is also no denying the fact that the cost of electricity has also risen over the past couple of years.

Many South Africans have also been given access to electricity and this demand causes major strain on the little that is available. Here are some tips for cooling and heating your home, to help save and ensure that the energy that we do have stretches further.

When it comes to cooling down your home during our uncomfortably warm summers, the best option is natural ventilation. This means that, rather than fans or air conditioning which uses up electricity, opt for good old fashion natural air. Rather open your windows during cooler hours so that you may get that afternoon and night air into the house but during the day, when it is hotter outside than inside, close the windows and doors that lead outside. This helps to keep out the hot air and keeps your home comfy.

For heating during the colder months, you don’t have to run your electricity bill through the roof. Allow the sun to shine in during the day and close your curtains and windows at sunset when the outside air becomes cooler. Rearrange your furniture so that seating and beds are placed against the interior walls rather than exterior walls.

And when it comes to staying nice and toasty, blankets are far cheaper and more effective than heaters. Cover the open spaces at the bottom of the door with a towel at night to keep the cool air out. Another way in which to heat up during the cooler months is by tucking into a delicious curry recipe that is sure to warm you up and leave you feeling satisfied.

Only when we look at how much of our lives depend on having power available do we realize how very valuable it is and how important it is that we all the responsibility of playing our part in preserving it.

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