Energy Saving: Lighting and Appliances

Energy Saving: Lighting and Appliances

Did you know that 90% of the energy sources that are used in South Africa are non-renewable? What this means is that, at some point, these will run out. Therefore, it is up to us to limit our use of our precious resources to ensure that future generations have access to them. In many homes, lighting is in the top three energy users after heating and cooling .The next big items that use up electricity are household appliances. Thankfully, these are the easiest when it comes to saving electricity.

Using LED or CFL light bulbs instead of the traditional energy-guzzling bulbs can cut your electricity bill by 70% and they last seven- times longer.  This is mostly due to the fact that old-school light bulbs (incandescent bulbs) are basically little heaters and if you have ever touched one that has been on for a while you have felt this!

CFL light bulbs are the cheaper option compared to LED bulbs; although both are good choices for producing good quality light. There is no reason to keep the lights on in unoccupied rooms so be sure to turn off the lights when you leave a room. Even if you are gone only for a few minutes, as it eventually adds up.

Energy Saving: Appliances

When it comes to appliances, the biggest energy saver is to switch off appliances on the wall or unplug them completely rather than leaving them on standby because even this uses up to half of the power they would use when they are switched on. When making yourself a cup of tea, only boil as much water as you need. And lastly, refrigerators make up quite a chunk of your electricity bill.

If you will be away for longer than a week, empty and defrost your fridge so it does not continue using up energy while not in use. Clean out your fridge if you notice thick frost building up on chilling panels as this affects the optimal functioning of the fridge.

There are always small ways to save energy. If you have children or care-givers that stay in the house when you are away, educate them about using as little energy as possible as we all have our small roles to play when it comes to energy saving.

If you have a large meal to prepare, be sure to compromise on the amount of energy that you use by switching off the television while you use the stove or oven. Alternatively, opt to cook your Open in new window during the day when the electricity usage is not high – this is after peak hours in the morning and before peak hours in the evening.


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    Using LED actually helps in reducing electricity costs by a good amount. I am soo happy.