Feel the love this Sunday

Feel the love this Sunday


Feel the love this Sunday
Sundays are special. It is the day that we get to choose what we’ll get up to. But why not spend your free time turning next Sunday into a special treat for friends and family? Here’s how!


First of all, decide who will be your special guest and then make a list of the people who love and admire this person. Then write a special invitation SMS to the star of the show and then to each of the invitees. Speak straight from your heart. Something like “Darling aunt Dudu, your wisdom and advice have always meant so much to us. To show our appreciation we would like to invite you to share a special Sunday lunch with the family, this coming Sunday. Much love. Agnes.”


Now plan the menu. It really does not have to be complicated or elaborate. Everyone loves a wholesome, heart-warming curry. Depending on your audience you could consider a creamy chicken curry or if Uncle Joe is the star guest, a more robust beef and sugar bean curry. Or if Gogo is the person who is being honoured, she may prefer curry mogodu.


Once you’ve decided on the main course, it’s time to start considering the sides. For the starch, you could cook some fluffy rice, fragrant pap (everybody’s favourite!) or even hot and filling samp. But let’s not forget the vegetables. Have a look at what veggies are in season, but I’m sure the family will agree that nothing beats sweetened butternut mash and creamed spinach!


With everyone ravenous upon arrival, it is also wise to have a snack or starter on hand. If the budget allows for it, a plate piled high with a selection of samoosas will go down a treat. What’s so great about it is that is an excellent shortcut – simply buy them from your nearest supermarket and pop them in the oven for a few minutes before your guests arrive. And if there are a horde of hungry boys coming, a hot garlic loaf made with a thick layer of margarine and fresh crushed garlic will go down a treat.


As we all know, curry is always better the next day, so prepare yours the day before. So, on the morning of the event you can simply send one of the kids out to pick a flower or some succulents to use as a centrepiece – then get them to set the table while you see to the vegetables.



Upon arrival, ask each guest to prepare a few complimentary words to say to the special guest before you all tuck into the meal. In this way, this special Sunday feast will become a day that your loved ones will remember for years to come. Enjoy!