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Rajah | Lifestyle | Generation Sensation!

‘Mothers and grandmothers sprinkle stardust over the lives of children (loosely based on the quote by Alex Haley). Our relationship is often called a ‘seminal relationship’ – a relationship so original, awesome and profound that it influences everything that comes after it.


And indeed, as the ultimate nurturers and carers, our mothers and grandmothers do influence everything, including our attitude to life.


To this day, you are probably not even aware of their hard work, sacrifices and selfless love in bringing you up. They were (and may still be) the primary providers and sources of your social, emotional and physical development. And while you might not always have agreed on everything, they were the ones who planted the seeds for the values that define your character and guide your behaviour today.


The two of them have had to forgive you for many mistakes in the past. Remember that day that you and your brother were chasing each other, tearing around the house, and mom asked you to stop. But you didn’t – until you lost your footing, overturned the table and her favourite vase smashed to the floor. Or that time your granny asked you to watch her last cup of rice on the stove – and you burnt it.


Well, with Mother’s Day around the corner, it’s probably your turn to invite them round for that delicious, creamy chicken curry you’re cooking from your mom’s lip-smacking curry recipe or your gran’s uber healthy fresh vegetable curry. Use the opportunity to tell them you forgive them (and, of course, yourself) for any misunderstandings you may have had in the past. Go on, do it. Call them right now.


Someone once said, our mothers and grannies are a little bit parent, a little bit teacher and a little bit best friend. So true. Even that handsome hunk, Jamie Foxx, attributes much of his success to what his grandmother said to him:

‘Make sure you look good. Make sure you speak well. And make sure you remain that Southern gentleman I taught you to be.’


A friend of mine once told me that she measures all her actions by asking herself the question – ‘How will I feel if my mother or grandmother had to read about this in the newspaper?’ Mmm, a pretty powerful filter, I’d say.


But best of all, when nothing is going well, remember mothers and grandmothers never run out of love, hugs, cookies and curry to warm and heal a heavy heart. So, make it a day they’ll remember…