Healthy eating on the go

Healthy eating on the go

As much as we would like to eat healthy on a daily basis without fail, the pressures of our demanding 21st century lifestyles make this very difficult to follow through. Sometimes our breakfasts, lunches and on those horribly busy days even dinners are eaten on the go, in traffic, on the bus or while packing school bags in the last minute. Keeping healthy and energized through our food choices is therefore a necessity and the following tips will allow you to get closer to a well-balanced lifestyle for you and your family.


Menu Plan

Shifting gears from weekend to weekdays is a struggle for many of us so perhaps giving Menu Plan Monday a try would be worth your while. This plan helps not only keep track of what you eat throughout the week but it also helps ensure you have the ingredients for these meals. Having a plan also helps ensure that the meals are well-balanced nutrition wise.


Pre-Packaged Snacks

The only way you can snack healthy is if you buy healthy snacks in advance. It is very easy to reach for whichever unhealthy snack is on hand between meals but if you have fruit or snack sized low fat yoghurt, nuts or dried fruits near by you’re much less likely to go for the junk. Should you happen to skip breakfast or lunch, this healthy snack is a convenient and healthy meal replacement to keep your blood sugar up until you can have a meal.


Avoid Fast Food Baked Goods for Breakfast

Muffins and pastries tend to look like quick fix solutions to breakfast when you’re on the go, but they are more likely to leave you with extra kilos you don’t want or need. For breakfast, rather opt for plant based protein shake or whole grain toast with peanut butter. If you have a blender in your kitchen, smoothies are also a fast high fibre and vitamin rich alternative.


Don’t Skip Meals

Sometimes we just do not have the luxury of a sit-down lunch but regardless of the workload, a packed sandwich will save you from midday hunger. Starving at lunchtime only leads to overeating at dinner.


Healthy Dine-Out

Dining out is always a nice treat, but it should not come at the expense of your healthy lifestyle. Request that sauces and salad dressings come on the side rather than already in your food, avoid fried foods and you do not have to clean your plate. You can always eat half your meal later and spread out the calories


Maintain your healthy habits even when you are pressed for time. A healthy lifestyle just takes a little practice to perfect.


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