Beef, butternut, and green bean curry

Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

With the holidays upon us, it seems the perfect time to share a few tips to help you stay healthy and energised while you enjoy the holiday season food and festivities.

In South Africa, we’re lucky enough to see the sunshine over the festive season. With that said, our summers can get pretty hot – and heat equals dehydration – so it’s important to drink lots of water as often as possible. To alkalise your body and give your digestion a boost, it would be wise to add lemon to your water and drink a large glass before meal times.

It’s best to avoid skipping meals as this can lead to overeating, so rather keep a plan for regular meals that include healthy options. A good mantra to adopt during this time would be: ‘Eat the best, leave the rest’ so think about how you hope to feel after your meal and keep that in mind when choosing what you put on your plate. Start with soup, fresh vegetables or salads and try to avoid the sweet appetizers and refined flour pastries. You might thank yourself come January if you choose to leave out those rich sauces and dressings.

Use a few mental tricks to help you along the way; like using smaller plates than you would otherwise use to enjoy your favourite holiday dishes and snacks, also skip out on other unhealthy foods that are available all year round. Think colour and create truly festive looking plates with lots of colourful fruits and vegetable.

Remember, the magic words are: “No, Thank You”. There’s no need to completely deprive yourself because this can results in more aggressive cravings but you can enjoy your unhealthy indulgences in moderation. Many of those sneaky calories are also hidden in drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, so be sure to watch how many of those you take in.

Don’t forget the basics; chew well, put your fork down between bites and eat mindfully and consciously so that you enjoy the flavour of each bite. And lastly, get active! Balance out those extra calories with some activity – long walks, using the stairs and even getting off the couch counts. Start with 10 minutes, and add five or 10 minutes extra each day. It all adds up! Getting active is great for your heart and whole body, both physically and emotionally.

Have a look at some of our recipes for some ideas this festive season. Why not start with our Beef, Butternut and Green Bean curry.

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