Back to School Tips from Rajah

Back to School Tips from Rajah

Schools are re-opening and life is going back to its regular routine. By now, you have probably succeeded in getting your family back on track with eating well and you are well on your way to a productive and healthy year. Back to school also means back to daily packed lunches and getting this right is guaranteed to help your children concentrate throughout the day and perform better in sports, setting the tone for a wonderfully prosperous and happy year.

Put yourself in your child’s new school shoes for a moment. If you had just sat through a long summer morning of classes, you’d probably be very hungry and looking forward to a great tasting lunch to on which to munch while catching up with friends at the playground and sharing holiday stories.

Lunch Time

When it comes to preparing lunch, variety is always something to consider. The same sandwich every day is bound to get bland so mixing it up every now and then according to your budget is a good idea. Instead of unhealthy lunch meats like viennas and salami rather use left overs like chicken and lean beef or tinned fish.

Buy store brand blocks of cheese that can be grated or sliced. They are often cheaper and allow you the freedom to choose how you want to serve them. Some days don’t have to be sandwich days; a nutritious filling salad with avocados and beans can also be quite a nice change and offers up a variety of nutritional benefits for growing bodies.

Children tend to enjoy playing with their food so a fun dip for their snack is also a nice treat. Plain yoghurt goes well with fruit or homemade fresh salsa can also be combined well with whole-wheat crackers. Don’t underestimate the importance of a snack considering how long a school day can be, especially for your older children who might complete their afternoon sports and homework at school.

The most important part is to ensure that your child leaves home having had a good, filling breakfast. Children who eat breakfast tend to eat healthier overall and are more likely to participate in physical activity because their bodies have the necessary fuel that they need. Not eating breakfast leads to them being extremely hungry by mid-morning and they are likely to eat high calorie snacks to make up for the missing energy. As much as possible – try to feed your kids breakfast before they leave for school.

Active and healthy children are not only happier but they also perform better. Inspire them to try harder by putting that little extra effort when making their lunchbox goodies.

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