Home for the hols?

Home for the hols?


Instead of splashing out on that new pair of bright, white sneakers, why not stash away a bit and surprise you friends and family members back home. Buy the bus ticket and prepare for the next step.


Find your favourite curry recipe on the Rajah website and take a pic of the ingredients you’ll need. Yes, there are some awesome ideas that would impress any girl or boy. And, please believe us when we say, no matter what the future holds, great curry-making skills will always be a HUGE tick on your CV.


The day you leave, go to the store and buy some (enough) frozen meat for 30 people (or however many peeps you have invited to your feast).


Ask your mom or gogo whether you can take over their kitchen for a morning. Ask nicely.


Get up early on the day you are hosting the party. Chop and prepare all ingredients. (It’s ok to ask the best cook in the house for a bit of advice, but do the hard work yourself, please.) Now cook that mean curry under his or her guidance.


Set the table. Receive and serve the guests with a personal thank you for all they’ve ever done for you.


Here’s the crucial step. Wash the dishes after, and make sure that kitchen is spotless. You’ll be surprised at how many of your peeps will pitch in


Relax and feel good about yourself. You’ve just made it a day everyone of your loved ones will forever remember. You go!