Rajah | Lifestyle | How to have a banquet on a budget

Rajah | Lifestyle | How to have a banquet on a budget

The summer holidays are a fantastic opportunity to spend time with friends and family. However, sometimes it can be difficult to entertain on a tight budget. Here are some tips on how you can prepare nutritious, low-cost meals your whole family will enjoy:

    • Plan ahead. Planning your menu early allows time for you to look for good deals in supermarkets. This can lower the cost of your feast substantially. And remember to check what you have at home before you hit the shops.


    • Cost saving shortcuts. Frozen or canned foods are a great, affordable addition to your meals. Best of all, they will also save you time. By mixing fresh and frozen or canned foods you ensure a delicious, nutritious and inexpensive meal.so be sure to hit those recipe pages.


    • Be flexible about your choice of protein. Your protein can account for nearly half the cost of a meal for your gathering. Generally speaking, frozen meats cost less. Also, white meat tends to be cheaper, so a frozen chicken or two could make for a perfect celebratory roast.


    • Accept the offer. It helps the budget if family members and friends offer to bring a dish when they join your celebration. That way, everyone feels involved and saves money on the meal, and you save time and effort.


    • Make it yourself. While buying a ready-made dish or dessert at the supermarket saves time, it will cost much less if you make it. It’s often healthier too. This way, you also know exactly what is going into the food while saving precious pennies.


    • Be creative with leftovers. Create delicious, inventive and healthy lunches and dinners from your leftovers. This will save on supermarket trips for the rest of the week. For example, make a mouthwatering chicken curry with your leftover roast chicken.


  • Don’t feel tied to tradition. There is absolutely no reason to feel like you have to stick to a traditional roast for a dinner party. There are plenty of great meals that will complete any celebration. Why not try our sugar bean curry recipe served with a side of spicy potato salad using our mild and spicy curry powder? It could be just the healthy, hearty, affordable change you’ve been looking for.

With these tips you are bound to have a memorable filled celebration that won’t break the bank. So, start making up your guest list.