Rajah | Lifestyle | I Love My Sishebo Best With…

Rajah | Lifestyle | I Love My Sishebo Best With…

No matter how delicious a sishebo you have been known to make, what you pair it with makes a big difference. Different homes have different ideas of what completes a good plate but, if you’re tired of dependable old rice, here are a few good starches you could compliment your sishebo with.


Steam Bread

 This traditional South African starch may require a couple of hours to prepare but it really is worth the extra effort. Unlike regular bread, ujeqe (steam bread) isn’t baked in an oven but rather cooked in a plastic bag in a pot on the stove. The best part is you can enjoy your left over bread with butter and a cup of tea the following day.



Another go-to starch is mielie pap which is made from ground maize. Most of us grew up eating this; it’s a healthy, filling and cost effective addition to meal time. You can make yours creamier and fancier by adding mixed vegetables and margarine to it.



This is similar to pap, however, people from KZN will tell you there is a big difference and that phuthu can change the whole feeling of a plate. Pap, which is smoother, goes best with chakalaka and meat whereas phuthu, which has a crumbly consistency, goes best with stews and curries. The beauty of phuthu is once you get your technique right, it becomes the easiest and quickest part of your meal preparation.



Depending on which region you’re from in SA, this can also be a great pairing for sishebo. Although some prefer to have umnqgusho with beans as the main attraction, it also balances sishebo really well. There are plenty of ways to prepare samp. In the end, you can enjoy the luxury of preparing it in whichever way your family enjoys best.

And there you have it – a few more great ways to pair your tasty sishebo. The key to a good starch pairing for sishebo is a carbohydrate that helps balance the full flavour of your Rajah sishebo.

Now that you have some great pairing options, you might be in the mood to try some new sishebo recipes. Why not try some of these delicious Rajah sishebo options:



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