It’s Mother’s Day!

It’s Mother’s Day!

It’s Mother’s Day!
We have all benefited greatly from our mother’s love, patience and care. So, Mother’s Day has been instituted as the day on which to show her just how much she is adored. Sadly, some of our mothers are no longer with us, but still, there are plenty of ways to share and celebrate her memory with the rest of the family.


Get cookin’, good lookin’
Cooking is a great bonding exercise. Putting together a fragrant curry is a fabulous way to unite the family this Mother’s Day. Involve the others by asking them to bring their favourite curry recipes and cooking tips. If your mom likes to be involved, you can ask her to give you a cooking class in preparing her favourite oxtail curry, for example so that you all can carry on the legacy of her fantastic dishes. Be sure to snap plenty of pics to post on social media. She’s sure to feel flattered.

While you are in the kitchen, talk about how much you loved the food she prepared for you during your childhood. Acknowledge her role and everything she has taught you. Start by reminding her of her awesome chakalaka recipe or her chicken curry.


Even if she’s far away, you can still spend quality time together.
If your mom lives in another city, take time out to make a Skype call and post her news of the day on social media so that she can be in touch more often. Or just buy her a tonne of airtime!


Remind her of some of your fondest memories
Don’t be shy to tell your mom what you adore about her. This is a great way to show her how special they she is without having to spend the moola!There are many ways to express your love and admiration. But make sure you give the other members of the family a chance to do the same. Happy Mother’s Day!