It’s Time to Start Eating Seasonal Vegetables

It’s Time to Start Eating Seasonal Vegetables

It’s Time to Start Eating Seasonal Vegetables. Here’s why, according to Rajah

Autumn is here and, with it, come some of the most delicious seasonal vegetables that you can get. This season, try something different in the kitchen – think eggplants, baby marrows, parsnips, turnips, butter beans and so much more, all of which add to the perfect sishebo recipe.

With the days getting colder, it’s time to start thinking about incorporating these seasonal vegetables into your recipes to make heartier, more fulfilling and nutritious meals. But, there are other reasons to start looking at adding locally-grown seasonal vegetables to your cooking.

Vegetables that have had a chance to naturally, fully ripen just taste better. If you’re buying out-of-season produce, you’re not enjoying the full, delicious flavour that the vegetables have to offer. Simply put, the food hasn’t been allowed to ripen like nature intended and this affects the taste. When you buy local, seasonal vegetables, this ensures that your produce tastes like it’s meant to — something that your taste buds are sure to thank you for!

Even your health will benefit from eating vegetables that are in season. When produce is grown in its proper time, all of its natural nutrients are allowed to flourish. This means healthier food for you and your family. Studies have shown that some crops that are grown in season can have up to three times more nutrients. And, because seasonal vegetables don’t have to endure as much travel, they don’t lose those vital vitamins and nutrients, unlike imported produce. They’re also exposed to fewer chemicals and preservatives.

Lastly, buying seasonal vegetables saves you money. Food is easier to grow in its proper season because the environmental factors are just right, letting crops thrive. This makes them more abundant, and less time-intensive to grow. And, best of all, it’s more affordable for you as a consumer.
So, next time that you’re doing your grocery shopping, look at what seasonal produce is available to you. We guarantee that adding them to any of your favourite Rajah curry recipes will only improve the flavour!

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