Kitchen Hacks

Kitchen Hacks

Kitchen Hacks with Rajah

The kitchen is not only a place for whipping up wholesome meals but it is also a place for experimenting. Knowing the right tips and tricks for making your kitchen activities swifter and hassle free is a sign of a seasoned cook. And who doesn’t want to impress with their kitchen savvy skill? We have put together a list of kitchen hacks to make your life easier.

• Slow down rotting tomatoes by storing them with the top facing down because air enters and moisture escapes through the scar that used to be attached to the vine. Storing at room temperature also keeps them from rotting quickly.

• To keep peeled potatoes from going brown, place them in cold water before cooking as this prevents the release of starch from oxidizing.

• To ward off insects and other particles, cover leftovers using a fresh shower cap (yes, a shower cap). It is a lot easier to remove and reseal than plastic cling wrap or aluminium foil.

• Rather than hassling with your fingers or ineffective forks to remove eggshell pieces from your bowl of cracked eggs, use a bigger eggshell, which will work as a magnet to draw out egg pieces without wastage.

• Remove excess fat from stocks, sishebo recipes and sauces by skimming ice cubes (wrapped in paper towels) over the lid. The extra fat goes solid and is easily removable with a spoon.

• Peel your potatoes by boiling them first and then placing it in ice. The skin separates from the centre on its own making it easier for you to peel it off.

• To stop onions from bringing you to tears, freeze them before chopping. A different but equally effective trick is to put a slice of bread in your mouth partially sticking out while chopping your onion. The bread absorbs the irritant gas before it reaches your eyes.

• To warm leftover pasta evenly in the microwave, place it in the shape of a ring donut on your plate. This keeps it from being ice cold in the middle and sizzling hot on edges as would otherwise be the case.

• To produce thinly sliced beef or chicken for your stir-fries, cut the meat while it is still partially frozen.

• To keep your wooden cutting boards looking new, scrub it with coarse salt and half a lemon. This scrapes away food smells and particles.

Some of these you may already know, others we hope have left you armed for next time you are in a sticky kitchen situation.

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