Lip smacking sarmie ideas from around the world

Lip smacking sarmie ideas from around the world


Lip smacking sarmie ideas from around the world
They say dynamite comes in small packages and the celebrated sandwich one a great example of the saying! A sarmie is the most convenient way to pack oodles of flavour into a neat parcel for easy and (mostly) tidy eating. Every family has a favourite go-to sarmie but if you are looking to mix it up and find a new number one, you have come to the right place.

Around the world, almost every nation has their version of a classic sandwhich that their population just can’t resist. We took sarmie inspiration from around the globe to see if we could find the next big thing in your home. So, let’s begin our journey…


England – Chicken coronation toasties
If a classic curry chicken sandwich is a firm favourite in your home, then this one will go down an absolute treat! Coronation chicken is a mixture of cooled, precooked chicken in a creamy mayonnaise and curry-based sauce, sure to tick all the flavour boxes. The dressing is the ideal combination of sweet, salty, spicy and tangy. The filling is heaped onto sliced bread and grilled. It’s often served with flaked almonds or sultanas.

To bring it even closer to home, try serving it with a dollop of mango achar – you know, to add a little zing. It’s as super easy as it is super delicious.


South Africa – Gatsby
Our list wouldn’t be complete without some home-grown flavour. The Gatsby sandwich is quintessentially South African – and its uniqueness pretty much sums up the people of this beautiful country. This footlong delight is typically crammed with lots of slap chips, steak, peri-peri and tomato sauce and, finally, superbly adorned with a crown of lettuce. And because of its size, it’s the perfect sarmie to be shared.


Argentina – Choripán
This fiery sandwich is not for the faint of heart – but if you like spice, then this one is for you! It begins with a basic bread roll that contains spiced sausage such as chorizo, covered in peppery chimichurri salsa and topped with a perfectly cooked egg. For a more familiar taste, try using spicy boerewors instead of chorizo sausage. It’s basically the South American version of a boerewors roll with chakalaka. Yummy!


USA – Philly cheese steak
The often-massive Philly cheesesteak sandwich is a carnivore’s delight. The sarmie starts with a large hotdog roll which is then filled with cooked, sliced steak, smothered in cheese sauce and topped with soft fried onions. Add a little South African flair by using a large magwinya or vetkoek for the bread base. A rich and indulgent sarmie that is undeniably worth a try.


Try a few of these sarmies from around the world and you could find the next family favourite – because picnics, trips to the beach, school outings and even lazy Sunday afternoons are just not the same without a classic sarmie to tide you over and keep everyone happy.