Load-shedding and Safety with Rajah

Load-shedding and Safety with Rajah

Load-shedding and Safety with Rajah

Most of us use a variety of different sources to get energy into our households – gas, paraffin or municipal electricity. While we can’t always rely on electricity to keep our homes powered, there are alternatives that include electricity, gas, coal, paraffin, firewood, candles and solar power to fulfil the job of lighting, cooking or heating. Often load-shedding hits when it is least convenient – during homework, while you’re cooking up the perfect sishebo or while you’re hosting guests.

What we don’t always consider when it comes to the alternatives to which we turn is safety and how

alternative energy sources pose a risk to our wellbeing. Energy accidents – especially when it comes to fire – are a global problem and are the 11th leading cause of child fatalities. Education around energy safety not only helps you and your family, but also assists the community as a whole because these accidents affect your neighbours too.


Preventative Measures

● Repair all damaged and broken wires in your home;
● Do not let children use appliances, paraffin stoves or candles;
● Turn off appliances when you are done using them or when you are not at home;
● Dangerous products such as paraffin and matches should always be kept out of reach and properly sealed;
● Make sure that the container you use for storing paraffin is not used for anything else and is clearly marked;
● Have emergency numbers in highly visible places for children to call during a crisis.


Dealing with the Emergency

● Get yourself and others out of the situation;
● Call for help;
● Use sand to put out electrical and paraffin fires as it is far more effective than water;
● All burns should be taken seriously, get the injured person to a hospital or clinic as fast as possible – always remember to call an ambulance.

Although accidents do happen, it is important to take extra measures to make ensure that those dearest to us are safe and protected.

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