Meat-free Monday has never looked so good

Meat-free Monday has never looked so good


Meat-free Monday has never looked so good
Meat at every meal can become costly, both in terms of rands and cents, but also with respect to our health. Every now and then it’s nice to lighten the load and opt for a vegetarian option. One meat-free meal a week is a great way to encourage the fam’ to try new things. So, if you’ve got no beef with eating veggies we have some flaming vegetarian meal ideas that won’t have you wondering where the meat has disappeared to.


Spicy Lentil and Sweet Potato Dahl
Rather than reaching for the classic curry chicken recipe that has been in your family since you can remember – why not try this one – a traditional spicy lentil curry from India that has become a favourite in households all around the world. Lentils are amazingly filling and, cooked right, packed with loads of flavour. They are also high in protein and fibre and low in fat, making them an ideal substitute for meat.

This no-fuss one-pot wonder is delicious served on its own, or with your choice of flatbread, chopped coriander and flaked coconut. Who knows, this one may just be the next big thing for your family at mealtimes


Curried Butternut, Red Kidney Bean and Quinoa Stew
This dish is terrific for cold or rainy days. It’s equal parts comforting and delicious and is dead simple to make. Quinoa also packs a protein punch and adds bulk, while butternut, known for its versatility and affordability, is one of South Africa’s most popular vegetables. Together they make a formidable dinnertime partnership. This stew is perfect served with a selection of sambals and a chutney option. It can also be served as a vegetarian twist on traditional chilli con carne – in a wrap with cheese, tomato salsa and avocado guacamole.


Spicy Pumpkin Pies
Let’s face it, we all love a pie – no matter what the variety. The heaps of yummy filling, cosily wrapped in flaky, buttery pastry can only really have only one outcome and that is: empty plates all round!This veggie pie has a sweet and spicy filling that’s chock full of flavour and can be made with any variety of pumpkin. Don’t be surprised if the king of the veggie patch becomes the king of your kitchen. The filling also works brilliantly when wrapped in smaller portions of dough, for celebrations and even lunchbox treats.


These recipes are not only delicious, but they are an easy way to make sure your family is getting their fair share of veg without too much of a struggle. Say goodbye to having to hide the vegetables!

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