Rajah | Lifestyle | MID-month on AND of MID-winter? Can it be fun?

Rajah | Lifestyle | MID-month on AND of MID-winter? Can it be fun?

Brrr. It’s that time of year again. We wrap up warmly, bravely go about our business during the week and then it’s the weekend … and we’re still way off payday which is beckoning in the far distance.

With the added cost of extra electricity, gas or wood for heating, the weekend prospects could start looking a bit bleak. Not!

Definitely not if you stick to your monthly budget by hunting for specials during the month. The thing to do is to cruise the fridges and look out for meat and veggies that have been marked down. Supermarkets often mark down foods that are getting close to their ‘Best by’ dates. And this is your chance to stock up.

Just make sure that you keep perishables ice cold until you get home and are able to pop the meat into the freezer. You may need to process vegetables into soups and sauces first.

Now, with your favourite flavour Rajah curry powder at hand, let’s spoil the family: grab your phone and WhatssApp your loved ones right now to invite them for a cosy Sunday lunch. Ask those who are able to, to bring something to share with the gathering: Aunt Jasmyn a pot of spicy rice, Uncle Tumi some crisps and carrot sticks to snack on, Sis’ Nozi a simple spicy dip for the chips, and Colin, the chocolate cake for dessert.

By making everyone feel good about having contributed, you will add that extra glow to the occasion. And the extra goodies will all add to the festivities around the star of the show, your main meal – that delicious creamy chicken curry you’re famous for. And don’t worry if chicken hasn’t been on special at your store this month, this curry recipe is equally delicious when cooked with pork, mutton or beef cubes.

Now turn up the music and make it a meal to remember!

Tip: For the dip, simply stir a teaspoon of Rajah Mild and Spicy curry powder into a cup of Hellmann’s mayonnaise. Stir in chutney to taste and voila!

And another tip: If the gathering turns out to be bigger than you thought, add some more potatoes, carrots and curry powder to your dish. Everyone loves a hot potato!