One-Pot Cooking with Rajah

One-Pot Cooking with Rajah

One-Pot Cooking with Rajah

After a long day, sometimes coming home only to stand in the kitchen and prepare dinner feels too difficult a task — especially if that long day just happens to be one of those very warm summer days. But preparing for suppertime really doesn’t have to be so daunting; one-dish meals allow you to create simple and nutritious meals that are easy to clean up after. What’s more, these dishes make prioritising healthy eating a breeze, as their ingredients could easily be home-grown or bought at a local farmer’s market.

The four main ingredients that you need to create a healthy one-pot meal (like your favourite sishebo recipe) are vegetables, legumes, herbs & spices and whole grains. Vegetables such as onions, carrots or peppers are an essential base and are great for giving the water in your pot flavour. You can follow them up with any vegetable of your choice — from sweet potatoes to broccoli and turnips. Feel free to use as many as you like, combining your family’s favourites as you go.

It’s best to cook your legumes from scratch rather than using the canned kind. Legumes such as beans and lentils offer your meal a great low-fat source of fibre and protein.

The important basics to have when it comes to herbs and spices are cumin, parsley, sage, oregano, rosemary, basil, garlic and turmeric. And you don’t need to look very far seeing as many of these can be found in Rajah curry powder! Simply add a tablespoon of your favourite Rajah curry powder to your one-pot wonder, and lick your lips as the aroma fills the kitchen.

Lastly, complete your meal with whole grains such as brown rice and oats. These ingredients add the necessary starch to your pot, as well as increasing its fibre content.

So go ahead and try this convenient and tasty meal! A great recipe to start with is the Butternut and Bean Curry Soup recipe. Good luck! And be sure to let us know how your meal turns out on our Rajah Facebook page.

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