Our Youth, Our Hope

Our Youth, Our Hope

Today is not just another public holiday. It is a reminder of the unwavering power of our youth and community when united.

On the morning of June 16 1976, thousands of black South African students begun a protest rally to make their voices known. It was their only weapon against an oppressive regime. Sadly, events turned violent and sacrifices were made that this country will never forget. Although tragic, this courageous mass uprising marked a major turning point in the fight for equal rights for all South Africans.

Youth Day is a time to reflect on our nation’s brave youth, and to remember those who stood united and sacrificed so much for our freedom. It is also an opportunity for us to focus on the great things our youth, and our communities as a whole, can accomplish when there is unity.

Today, let us turn our focus to building a sense of togetherness, a sense of unity, in our families and communities. And what better way is there to bring people together than over a delicious home cooked meal? Appeal to the diverse taste buds of your friends, family and neighbours with an irresistible Rajah Flavourful Chicken Curry or Rajah Chicken Sishebo.

Let’s come together as a nation – one meal at a time.