Poultry Preparation Tips from Rajah

Poultry Preparation Tips from Rajah

Poultry Preparation Tips from Rajah

For many of us, chicken is a dinnertime favourite – it works well in everything, from sandwiches to the perfect sishebo. If this delicious bird is not correctly handled during the preparation process, it can become a danger to your health and that of your family.

Here are a few safety rules to follow when preparing and cooking your chicken:

Raw Chicken

● Chicken should never be left to sit at room temperature, always refrigerate raw chicken immediately.
● Refrigerate or freeze in the coldest part of the fridge or freezer, preferably in the bottom drawer to avoid drops of its juices contaminating all other food.
● To defrost, place frozen chicken in the fridge or in cold water rather than on your kitchen surface top to prevent the spread of bacteria.
● Always wash your hands, chopping boards and knives in soapy water after handling raw chicken and before touching other food items.

Cooking Chicken

● If you’re cooking your chicken on a fire, avoid placing uncooked chicken on the same plate as your other meat.
● Never cook chicken medium rare, this bird is always served best well done. You can check for readiness by poking it with a fork; if pink juices spill out, it is not yet ready.
● Do not use already used chicken marinade on cooked food.

Cooked Chicken

● Chicken leftovers are safe to eat for two to three days after cooking if refrigerated.
● When reheating chicken, make sure that you heat it until it’s piping hot rather than just warm to kill off any nasty bacteria.
● If transporting cooked chicken, try to either keep it below five degrees Celsius or above 60 degrees.

Understanding safe preparation safety could be the reason you avoid serious illness such as Salmonella.
Now that you’ve learnt how to handle your poultry, put your skills to the test with Rajah’s favourite Chicken recipe: Flavourful Chicken Curry


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