Rajah Tastes How Community Feels

Rajah Tastes How Community Feels

Ubuntu/Botho is one of those frequently used idioms when describing African culture. But do we know what it means?

Many say that the meaning of Ubuntu is “I am because you are” or “a person is only a person because of other people”. These are true, but very complicated definitions. At its simplest, the principle of Ubuntu means Humanity. In isintu*, ubuntu is simply a way of existing as a human being.

Definitions aside, this means that we don’t have to be taught community values — by simply being human, we can understand how to exist in a community. You are aware that we share, we help each other in times of need, and we always make sure nobody gets left behind. When it comes to ubuntu kindness, generosity and love are a natural way of life.

At Rajah, one of our most important philosophies is community. A Rajah sishebo is best enjoyed when shared with friends and family because we understand that we can only be our best, strongest and most human when we are surrounded by community.

For most, the taste and aroma of Rajah brings memories of home and that’s exactly how we like it. Bring the family together around your next pot of sishebo with this in mind. Make it with love, share generously and enjoy the delicious aroma that stays in everyones memory.

Be inspired by these simple Rajah sishebo tips and recipes:

*isintu means the language/way of life of the people