Rajah | Lifestyle | Re-Invent Your Dinner Time Favourites

Rajah | Lifestyle | Re-Invent Your Dinner Time Favourites

After a long day at work, sometimes it’s easier to go for your tried and tested dinner dishes. But easy meals don’t necessarily have to be boring meals.

Using just a few of these simple tips, you can take your favourites from drab to fab.

  1. Instead of the usual chicken stew, why not impress with a creamy version of the dish? Stirring in a packet of instant pasta sauce as a substitute for instant soup is an easy way to make your stew taste more decadent and creamy without spending hours (and lots of money) making it that way.
  2. Coleslaw salad is a simple-to-make side dish that has added freshness to many a plate. Take yours to the next level by adding a can of tuna to it. Not only is tuna packed with nutrtional benefits, it also adds delicious flavour that compliments the cabbage’s crunch very well.
  3. Your rice could also do with embellishment. Instead of plain old fluffy rice, why not liven it up with some mixed vegetables? Steam them on the side and mix them into your rice before serving. It will be sure to make your plate appear gourmet.
  4. Making soup? Stir in a dollop of yoghurt towards the end of your preparation. This will add to its creaminess.
  5. Garlic is a great addition to any meal – trust us on this! Adding a spoon of finely chopped or crushed garlic to your onions, along with your favourite Rajah curry powder, adds a delicious flavour to the final outcome of your stew.
  6. An acidic addition can go a long way in flavouring your steamed vegetables. If you love vegetables but find them a bit bland when steamed, consider adding a bit of lemon or balsamic vinegar. It’ll up the flavour while still keeping your veggies healthy.


So, there you have it – some quick, easy, flavourful tips to spice up your go-tos!

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