Rule the kitchen, rule the roost

Rule the kitchen, rule the roost

It’s Women’s Month – so, let us celebrate the women who have – through their work and dedication to their families – shaped the future of our country. As every woman knows, it all starts in the kitchen. Full tummies and proper nutrition spell ‘possibility, inspiration and energy’ for all.

But, we have to be mindful of the future. In fact, the future belongs to us. So, let us take a peek and see what tomorrow holds for us. While no one can say for sure, we already know a few things for sure – like food trends! Take a look and see if you can ring in the changes and follow these foodie predictions.

We’ll all have our fingers on the pulse

Pulses such as beans, lentils and chickpeas are all the rage. From New York to Newlands, London to Llandudno and Cairo to Cape Town, budget friendly meatless meals are being celebrated the world over. This trend makes for hearty, healthy, planet friendly meals. And it is as simple as, for example, substituting the chicken in this creamy curry recipe with the pulses of your choice. We suggest you start with two cans of chickpeas – and watch your family tuck in.

Say hallo to ethnically inspired breakfasts

Who said breakfast is boring? Inspiration in the kitchen can lead to a nutritious adventure – especially on weekends. And, believe me, your family will love you for it. Eggs are a brilliant and cheap source of protein, so let’s not skimp on the number of eggs you use. Poach a dozen eggs in a delicious mild & spicy curry sauce, serve them with the left-over pap from the night before or a tower of hot buttered toast and you will be sending everybody off, contented and in a great mood for the day.

Wave goodbye to plastic

We’ll all be saying a big ‘NO, thank you’ to single-use plastic bags, bottles, straws and polystyrene containers in our collective kitchens. The reason is clear. Plastic is virtually indestructible in nature and ends up destroying our ocean, polluting our fresh water reserves and defacing our landscapes. We, as decision makers, know how to recycle the plastics and other materials that we use in our kitchen – and teach our families how to do the same. And while the yummy aromas of our cooking fills our homes, we will do just that.

The movement towards a healthier more wholesome environment starts with us, the strong women of South Africa – the land we love and respect. Here’s to a brighter future for all!