Savvy Shopping tips to help you save

Savvy Shopping tips to help you save

Savvy shopping tips to help you save with Rajah

Buying in bulk is a massive money-saver – when larger quantities are purchased, it works out that the individual items are cheaper than if you were to purchase the same single item in a grocery store. Food-buying clubs, otherwise known as stokvels, were initiated to benefit from this fact, combining grocery lists of community members to get goods at a more affordable cost.

We’ve compiled a list of essential food items that will last in your cupboard for long periods without spoiling, to help you become a savvy shopper:

1. Dry goods such as rice, beans, mealie meal and flour are available in large quantities in most supermarkets.

i. Beans must be stored in airtight containers and away from direct sunlight.
ii. Mealie meal and flour, on the other hand, must be kept in the freezer for a week before being stored in the cupboard to protect against moths and other pests.
iii. Nuts can be kept in the fridge for up to 2 years without spoiling.

2. Buying meat in bulk is an excellent idea. All you need is a working refrigerator to ensure the meat does not go off.

i. Place your meat cuts in a plastic packet and freeze.
ii. The quality will only start to suffer after 6 months and this is a much cheaper option than buying smaller trays of meat monthly from the grocery store.

3. Other food items such as coffee, tea and oil don’t need to be purchased every month and can be bought twice a year in large quantities.

We hope these tips set you on the right path to savvy shopping and long-term savings.

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