Shopping For The Holidays

Shopping For The Holidays

Shopping for the holidays with Rajah

Shopping For the Holidays

One of the best gifts you could give yourself this festive season is some extra change in your pocket and a waistline that hasn’t expanded come January. Seeing that we are going into the biggest shopping week of the year it is the ideal time to spare a thought for healthy alternatives for your shopping trolley staples and learn how to make your money go further.

Many of us mean well when it comes to keeping holiday meals healthy but cooking up healthy nutritious meals can only happen if you have healthy nutritious ingredients in your kitchen. All this starts with a clear head when grocery shopping.

Making a shopping list helps curb impulsive purchases. Those items placed near the tills are placed there strategically to tempt you to buy things you probably want but don’t need; resist temptation and you will thank yourself later.

Already having a menu plan before you go to the shops helps you predict what you will need and how much of it you will need. This helps you avoid having enough mayonnaise to feed an entire community but not enough eggs for your delicious dessert recipes. Grocery store ads are a great way to keep up with current specials.

Shopping Tips

This time of year is filled with specials and comparing prices from different stores will ensure you get the best deals. Although checking unit pricing may seem a tedious task, you are likely to save quite a few extra Rands in the long run if you know to buy certain items in bulk. Parking far from the entrance allows you to get extra exercise even during your shopping trips. A useful tip would also be to speedup to a brisk walk to get your heart rate going.

Try to ensure the meals you have planned are focused on maximising nutritional value. Swapping ingredients in your recipes can always guarantee this. Using water, fruit juice or healthy oil instead of butter can help add flavor while decreasing the calories in certain dishes. Using herbs, curry powder and spices can allow you to decrease the salt content of your meat and vegetable dishes.

Rajah saves your pocket as well, as the spices are already blended for you and you can choose which variant suits your family’s taste buds best. Don’t forget fruits and vegetables can be added to almost any meal. You can add as many different vegetables as you want to you sishebos and your fruits are always a good addition to dessert dishes.

Happy and Healthy Shopping!

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