Something old, Something new

Something old, Something new

Something old, Something new


When it comes to making memories with family, we can all agree that great hearty food is always a constant feature. Although much has changed over the years; the TVs have gotten bigger and our fashion sensibilities have also come a long way. What has not changed is that incredible sishebo recipe that has kept the family coming together through the years.

We all have memories of family gatherings where everyone enjoyed a wholesome 7 colours meal, sang and danced to our favourite tunes and love and appreciation was all around. All this happened while the sound of laughter wafted through the house. It’s hard to forget the distinct aroma of Rajah in the air and how a second helping of ice-cream and jelly was an absolute must.

We continue to create memories around meal-times and many things have remained the same. Pap is still the best companion for sishebo, gogo’s stories still make everyone around the table burst out in laughter and music still adds to the family fun.

Although time has passed and the changes around us are overwhelming, good food that pulls on heartstrings is one of the few things that have managed to remain constant. With the new year in full swing there’s no better time to look back at the all the wonderful moments that your family has shared and experiment with new and old recipes.

Strolling down memory lane always leads to warm fuzzy feelings. Best of luck creating yet another memorable year with a little help from Rajah. ‘Till next time.

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