Spring Cleaning 101

Spring Cleaning 101

The start of spring is a wonderful time to air out your home and give it a thorough freshening up. Outside, the sun is out and nature is in bloom – inside can do with the same treatment, too!

But reaching all corners and crevices can be a difficult task by anyone’s standards. We’ve put together a checklist to ensure you don’t miss a spot during your clean up.



  • This is one area of the house that should get a good regular clean no matter the season. But this might be a good time to check the medicine cabinet and remove what doesn’t need to be there.
  • Your bathtub, sink and toilet bowl could also use a good bleaching to remove the grime that gets left behind despite your routine cleans.



  • Your bedding should be changed weekly but sometimes we let those extra blankets stick around for a little longer – now’s the time to wash them.
  • You know those cupboards could do with some neatening as well. This will allow you to swop out those winter layers with some lighter spring items while also spotting those clothes you haven’t worn in over a year. Free up some space, give your extra items to those who need them, and enjoy the tidiness that comes as a result.
  • The curtains have also most likely gathered dust during the cold season. Take them down and add them to that laundry pile.
  • Under the bed is probably a frightening and dusty place, let the broom do it’s dance there too.


Living Room

  • Maybe this would be a good time to move some furniture around. This not only gives the place a fresh look, but it also gives you the opportunity to mop and vacuum hard-to-reach areas under your larger pieces of furniture.
  • Dust, dust, dust! When it comes to living rooms, that’s often the main chore. All the furniture deserves to be dusted and given a new shine. And don’t forget the ceiling, those light fittings, and any heaters or fans.



  • There’s always a whole lot to be done in the kitchen! Now is the time to clean the cupboards plus any other dishes that don’t get used all that often.
  • Check on your spice cabinet. Chances are there are some empty containers which need to be thrown out. Replace them with some fresh new Rajah curry powder packs.
  • The fridge should also be defrosted and cleaned out. This will give you a chance to chuck out the old stuff that’s been hiding behind the tub of yoghurt. It’s also a great opportunity to do a stock take and learn what you need to top up on your next shop.


And there you have it – you’re all set for a fresh new start to a brand new season. Not only do you have a great excuse to give your home a bit of a facelift, but clean surroundings will also help bring some great mental clarity. Good luck!