Starting your first Reel vegetable garden

Starting your first Reel vegetable garden

In trying to provide healthier meals for your family and to save money, you may have considered starting your own vegetable garden at some point. If you are the more determined among us, you may have gone as far as the gardening aisle at your local supermarket and gone ahead and started planting. It’s more likely though that the thought crossed your mind, you realised how daunting planting a garden was going to be, and you very quickly filed it with all the other items on your one-day-when-I-have-time list.

Whichever end of the spectrum your efforts fall on, we all know that gardening can be tricky and in the absence of ‘green fingers’, sometimes near impossible. Reel Gardening has simplified the process by creating biodegradable, colour-coded paper tape that encases organic fertiliser and seeds at the correct depth and distance apart. It takes five minutes to plant, uses 80% less water and produces enough vegetables to last you months, not to mention earning you bragging rights!

The first step of the planting process is preparation. You need to choose where to position your garden. Plants produce their own food and for this to happen they need energy which is produced by sunlight. So find a sunny spot in your garden and you are good to go.

Next you need to prepare good healthy soil. Soil is the immune system of your garden and determines whether or not your plants will grow. You need to turn the soil to allow for root growth and then add compost or fertiliser.

This preparation phase ensures that your garden is well lit and that your plants are less likely to be eaten by pests, setting you firmly on your way to more nutritious, better tasting meals.

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