Rajah | Recipes | Sticky Spicy Chicken Wings

Rajah | Recipes | Sticky Spicy Chicken Wings


Sticky Spicy Chicken Wings


Serves: 4
Prep time: 25 minutes
Cook time: 20 minutes
Category: Chicken
Product: Rajah Mild & Spicy
Cost for 4 portions: R105


2 tbsp vegetable oil
10 cloves garlic, crushed
4 tbsp Rajah Mild & Spicy
4 tbsp soy sauce
4 tbsp water
6 tbsp sweet chilli sauce
4 tbsp vinegar
6 tbsp golden syrup
16 chicken wings
15ml (1 tbsp) salt
30ml 2 tbsp) baking powder
Oven-roasted chips, to serve (see TIP)



  1. To make the sauce, heat the oil in a small pot and sautée the garlic for 2 minutes. Add the Rajah Mild & Spicy and sautée for 1 minute then add the soy, water, chilli sauce, vinegar and syrup and bring to a boil. Lower the heat and allow to reduce until thickened and syrupy. Remove from the heat and set aside.
    Preheat the oven to 220°C.
  2. Arrange the chicken wings on a lined baking tray.
  3. Pat the chicken wings dry and coat with the baking powder and salt.
  4. Bake for 10 minutes then flip and cook on the other side until crispy.
  5. Place the cooked wings in a large bowl, pour the sauce over and toss to coat.
  6. Serve the chicken wings with oven-cooked chips on the side.


TIP Toss the chips in 1 tbsp Rajah Mild & Spicy as soon as they come out the oven for chips with a twist.