Taste the flavours of our Nation this Heritage Day

Taste the flavours of our Nation this Heritage Day

Living in a country with diverse groups of people has its perks. One of these is how varied our mealtime options are. You could have Curry Mogodu on Monday, Fish Curry on Tuesday and a Breyani on Wednesday – the list is endless!

We’ve listed five of our favourite locally-loved meals to inspire your Heritage Day lunch menu.


Pap and chakalaka

Braai meat’s best companion, this combo is a well-known South African favourite. Pap (which goes by many different names in southern and western Africa – sadza, phaletshe and ogi to name just a few) is a staple many African countries know and love. Chakalaka is a relish which puts our uniquely South African spin on the tatsty favourite.

Another great chakalaka dish is the Chakalaka Chicken Sishebo. Try our Rajah recipe for this irresistible meal here.



This delicious dish takes its origins in Cape Malay cuisine and is usually served with yellow rice. It’s a sweet and sour savoury meat dish that that can be made in a number of different ways. Flavour combinations can be guided by what your family loves best.


Bunny Chow/Kota

Although the fillings in these two lunchtime favourites are very different, both meals are made with a quarter loaf of bread and are major hunger busters.

Bunny Chows (which have nothing to do with rabbits) are a Durban specialty. Whether it’s a chicken, lamb or beans bunny, nothing says you’re in the east coast like this yummy local dish.

The Kota, on the other hand, is a popular street food that gets its name from the word ‘quarter’. This dish feels most at home in Johannesburg.

Try this delicious Spinach and Potato recipe with your bunny chow or kota.


Samp and beans

Samp and beans, otherwise known as umgqusho, was said to be former president Nelson Mandela’s favourite dish. This, too, is a very popular dish that reminds many of us of home. We came up with some great ideas on how to prepare this meal here.


Cape Malay Lamb Curry

Cape Malay curries are known for their fruity flavours – and the lamb curry is no exception. This hearty meal is made with spicy (but not too hot) ingredients. Find out how to prepare a delicious Cape Malay Lamb Curry using Rajah Mild and Spicy.


South Africa is a cultural melting pot of flavours. Everyone should be encouraged to embrace and sample all the delicious tastes and flavours we’re so fortunate to have available to us. And what better time to taste the flavours of our nation than on our nation’s Heritage Day (24 September)?

For some more locally-loved recipe inspiration, view our full range of Rajah recipes here.

We wish our Rajah family a happy and proud Heritage day.