Teaching Your Children Good Nutrition

Teaching Your Children Good Nutrition

Television and packaging gimmicks that encourage children to try the newest cookies or sugary cereal are a nightmare for parents trying to teach young children the value of good nutritional habits. Although it may be difficult, this is a challenge you can overcome and the benefits of this for your child will last a lifetime. Here is a guide for teaching your little ones nutrition confidence.

You can’t always be in control of what your children eat when they are away from you but what you can control is what they eat when they are at home. When doing your groceries, keep the sugar and salt filled foods to a minimum. Rather stock up on a variety of healthy foods from different food groups.

If other people will be looking after your children, don’t be shy to tell them what is and isn’t acceptable to give your children to eat. They may have sweets and cupcakes at a friend’s birthday party but it must be clear that this is an exceptional case, not the norm.

This whole process is shaping children’s attitude towards nutrition therefore it’s important to make healthy eating appealing to them. Always keep healthy but delicious snacks, like fresh sliced fruits or raw veggies on hand. If they grow up regarding these as tasty snacks, they will be less likely to ask for cookies at snack time.

Remember, it starts with you. Children see what you do and learn from it. Your child needs to see that nutrition is important for the whole family not just themselves and learn from that example. And as already mentioned, from time to time you can make exceptions when it comes to sweets in order to help curb their curiosity without completely erasing all that you have worked hard to teach.

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